Home Solar: Switching your home to solar power.

Home Solar in Australia is growing fast due to us having some of the highest power costs in the world.

Queensland families are switching to solar for their homes as fast as possible to avoid rising power costs and to save money. Many see that making the move to solar can even help them pay their home off sooner saving thousands on bank interest charges.

Australia is also aiming to source 20% of its power from renewable energy sources like solar and wind by 2020. Solar power is a cost effective and reliable source of renewable energy for environmentally conscious homeowners.

At PowerSmart Solutions we are here to help you design the right solar solution for your family and home.

Solar panels are the economic solution to producing sustainable energy for your residential home, here’s why:


Cost effective

The cost of solar panels has dropped by more than 70% in the past decade, making installation an extremely affordable process. Switching to solar will drastically reduce the cost of electricity for your home: make expensive electricity bills a thing of the past.


Environmentally sustainable

Using solar energy will significantly reduce your carbon footprint. More than 2.6 million Australians have turned to solar energy, reducing their greenhouse gas emissions by 3.4 million tonnes in the past decade.


Low maintenance

Solar panels do not have any moving components, this means they require very low maintenance once they’re installed.


Reliable energy source

Solar energy is far more reliable than grid electricity. Your home can become self-sufficient, reducing your dependency on the grid. We only partner with the most reputable suppliers that you can trust to provide you with reliable energy.

Home Solar Panels & Inverters

We only work with industry leaders who have an Australian presence and stand behind their warranties.


Why switch to solar for your home?

Home Solar

We make it easy for you to find a suitable solar solution, without wasting your time or putting pressure on you to invest. Take your energy into your own hands and say hello to massive savings with PowerSmart Solutions:

  • Interest-free, zero deposit payment plans
  • Affordable installation
  • Reliable and cost-effective source of energy
  • Significantly reduce your carbon footprint

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“Couldn’t recommend Powersmart enough”

Couldn’t recommend Powersmart enough. Always on time, good communication, explained the solar solution well. Installers were very professional and the installation as smooth. We are now 2 months in and generating above expectations so couldn’t be happier.


Gordon Sutherland


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