Investment Returns for Homeowners with Solar Power

Solar panels are a popular power-saving solution for homeowners and business operators alike – renown for their reputation as major money savers around the globe, many Australians are choosing eco-friendly power solutions like solar, every year. But are panels powered by the sun as economically conscious as they’re touted to be?

Solar power is commonly regarded as being advantageous to increasing the value of the home. It is estimated that retail value increases by $6,000 per kilowatt of polar power produced.

For your typical 5kW system, that’s a value increase of $30,000. When costs can be as low as $5,500 to install a solar system, that’s a considerable return on investment to consider.

Plus, it’s estimated that 57% percent of home buyers in Australia would be willing pay up to $10,000 more to purchase property equipped with solar.

Operating a PowerSmart system can certainly lend to additional seller’s ROI in the long-term!

More broadly, the Australian Government encourages solar energy production, and provides rebates for households who install panels. These rebates, called Small Technology Certificates, save you $650 per kW installed.

For your typical 5kW system, that’s a saving of $3,250.

The common conception of solar power is the significant reductions to household and business electricity expense. In fact, these reductions can be so significant that certain bills can be considered as totally eliminable.

For homeowners in particular, pay-backs (or ‘solar feed-in tariffs (FIT)’) are available from electricity retailers, if installed systems produce surplus energy and send back into the grid. While this is not a guaranteed perk, it’s certainly a possibility that sees Australians appreciating their installation, nationwide.

Solar panels certainly present a return on investment with maximum potential in accruement over time. Contact the PowerSmart team to explore just how much your installation proposes to save you over time, today!

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