Reduce Carbon Emissions With Solar Power

With many every-day living costs on the rise for home and business owners, investing in solar panels is a clever financial decision — one which promises savings paid indefinitely in dividends.

The big plus, wallet aside? Not only do we save money when we invest in the natural power of the sun, but we treat Mother Earth to a little less CO2 output, significantly shrinking our carbon footprint. 

Installing solar panels ensures the use of reliable and renewable energy, encouraging global sustainability. While costs of living are increasing incrementally, the environmental costs to our planet as CO2 emissions also rise are charges we simply can’t pay back — so best to reduce them where we can! 

So, how does solar power help us to make these reductions to the emissionary carbon cloud in Earth’s atmosphere? 
Solar energy is clean energy, which means it has a very low impact on the environment as opposed to the non-renewable energy you pay for. The production of these non-renewable energies releases greenhouse gases, such as CO2 into the Earth’s atmosphere.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) contributes to 10-25% of the greenhouse gases present in the Earth’s atmosphere. At large, that’s a whole quarter of our greenhouse emissions! 

Typically, greenhouse gases help maintain the eco-system, keeping the Earth’s temperature consistent, trapping and absorbing sunlight in order to warm the planet to a temperature that is optimal for plant growth. This is known as the greenhouse effect. To an extent, this effect is largely beneficial to the ongoing population of flora and fauna cohabitiating our planet. 

However, when the Earth’s atmosphere becomes too highly concentrated with greenhouse gases, the Earth’s temperature can rise beyond these optimal conditions, harming ecosystems, biodiversity and the planet’s inhabitability.

As humanity continue to make advancements in industrial manufacturing, and as our Earth faces an ever-increasing expansion in drivers, technology users, and industrial operators populating the planet – the Earth’s temperature will continue to rise, thus lending to the direct development of Global Warming. 

In the production of energy, the use of fossil fuels – such as natural gas and coal – results in the release of greenhouse gas emissions (primarily CO2) into the Earth’s atmosphere. This does not bode well for our planet. 

In order to reduce Global Warming, we need to actively stop human production of greenhouse gases. Solar energy does not produce any CO2. What a bonus to those reduced energy bills! 

The bottom line? Installing solar panels will considerably reduce your contribution to the Earth’s rising temperatures.
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