Save Money With Solar

We’re living in unprecedented times. The cost of living is on the rise and we’re all looking for ways to pinch pennies and keep our pockets lined. Household inflation has risen by 2.1% in the first quarter of 2022 according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics and due to our ongoing recovery efforts from Covid-19 and natural disasters, it’s looking to get worse before it gets better. 


Over the course of this past year, energy prices have risen 140%. These prices are predicted to continue in that fashion from July 2022 onwards. 


The primary and most practical solution for this problem is investing in renewable energy for your home or business. We know that asking you to spend money to save it can be a hard pill to swallow, so let’s look at exactly how you can save money with solar.


You’ll lower your power costs and bills:

In Australia, wholesale energy prices are some of the highest in the world. With the opportunity to harness renewable energy, you’ll be able to lower your electricity bills and eventually become self-sufficient.


You’ll be making a long-term investment, contributing to a sustainable future:

The lifespan of an average residential solar system is 25 + years. The once off cost of solar panel installation pays itself off and becomes a long-term investment as energy prices rise. Additionally, solar panels add value to your home which means they’ll make you money even as you sell.


You’ll be able to generate an income from them:

Not only will your solar panels cut down your electricity bills, but you can actually generate income from them too. By using a grid connect system, you can sell back any excess power to your energy provider. It’s the kind of bonus that really is a no-brainer!


You could receive a government rebate:

There are a number of awesome financial incentives that you may be eligible for as a homeowner. These include solar panel rebates in Queensland and the new Energy Bill Buster Program in NSW. Not only does this ease the financial burden on you for solar energy, but it gives you an opportunity to get in and organise a long-term investment for your home with the state Government. 


The rising cost of living has become a constant in all of our lives. With the rise of renewable energy there are some great alternatives that not only benefit you, but the earth too. 


Click here to find out more about how you can save money with solar energy and how Powersmart Solutions can help!


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