Solar Powered Careers

There’s a trend towards purposeful jobs in the career market at the moment and we’re proud to say that the solar industry is one that can provide plenty of work and plenty of purpose to our staff. 


The renewable energy industry is full of varied skill sets and diverse people who come together to create an incredible alternative to energy in our communities. Saving the earth, enjoying your work and being paid lucratively go together hand in hand at PowerSmart Solutions. From accredited Installers all the way through to Customer Service representatives, there are countless opportunities to work in an industry like solar that makes a real difference in the world and provides that fulfilled feeling of working for a good cause with great people. 


Why work in the green industry?

In Australia, renewables account for one third of electricity generation and is only growing from there. The sustainability industry is not only easier on the conscience but also provides a super secure, long term career for those who choose to enter it. Solar is also an industry projected to see huge growth in profit and jobs over the next 10 years by the Australian Bureau of Statistics which makes it a secure industry that’s not only providing a sustainable product but staying relevant. 


At PowerSmart, we’re also committed to our customers and take real pride in our work which enables us to work more sustainably and ethically. All our employees count and matter – that’s the standard!


What type of work could you do?

In the solar industry, the possibilities are endless. You might decide you want to be a boots on the ground type of person, installing the products and meeting customers on site; or maybe you’re a natural organiser and want to stay behind the scenes doing your bit as part of our incredible admin team. There are opportunities for every type of person, background and skill set. Plus, with an industry that continues to grow, there are always chances to upskill, move around the business and try out something new!

Overall, the solar industry is one that is experiencing unprecedented growth and jobs are abundant. At PowerSmart, we’re proud to have a team that upholds our promise to our customers for incredible service, products and experiences. We’re always looking for people to join our teams up and down the east coast of Australia, you can check out our open listings here.

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