4 Tips to Maximise Power Savings While On Holidays

Heading off on a trip this festive season? While you’re away it’s important to make sure your home is in good stead to curb any excess holiday energy consumption. With the cost of energy in Australia rising, these four tips can help save you on your power bills. 


1. Unplug devices


This seems like a simple piece of advice but it’s something many of us forget. While day-to-day costs of microwaves, TVs and washing machines might seem manageable, long term this ads up. To save on this, make sure to switch off at the wall while you’re away!


2. Make the switch to smart appliances


A smart home can actually make a decent difference in your electric bill, especially if you’re going to be away. Smart appliances allow you to monitor power usage and identify the items that are using the most power. As well as this, any lights or appliances you may have accidentally, can be turned off via your smart phone. A smart home allows you to always be connected with your home, no matter where you are.


3. Switch off lights and fans


Your flight is at 4am and it’s still dark outside when you get up to rush the kids or yourself into the shower. So, you turn the light on. However, as rushed as you may be, take the time to do one last sweep of the house to switch off the lights and fans. Leaving these on for long periods of time will result in a hike on your power bill. 


4. Get any house guests up to speed


If you’re a pet owner and you’ve got a house sitter staying at your place over the period you’re away, it’s important to make sure they’re well-versed in your energy routines. Most of us prioritise saving energy in our own homes, but a guest might not have the same idea. In order to make sure your guest is taking care of your house, pet and energy consumption, make sure to run them through how appliances in your home work or leave a checklist for the items you normally turn off after use. It might seem small but making sure you’re on the same page can result in helpful savings when you return from holiday.


Saving power while you’re on holiday may seem like an ambitious dream, but if you follow these simple steps before you go it’s super achievable. 

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