Sustainable New Year’s resolutions for 2023

New year, new Earth. 

This year, it’s time to make a New Year’s resolution that will really count – in 2023, we’re going green!

Oftentimes, resolutions are things we simply can’t stick to – waking up at 5am everyday, losing weight, cutting sugar. These extreme changes are common examples of the resolutions we make each year, but they don’t need to be so extreme. In fact, small changes in the new year can make a huge difference in creating a more sustainable world for all of us. 

So, what are those small changes? Here’s a few of our best tips for a sustainable New Year’s resolution:

Be water smart

Make sure to carry a reusable water bottle and keep it on you at all times in order to avoid needing to buy single-use plastic bottles. You can lessen your water wastage through having shorter showers, keeping the tap off while you brush your teeth and minimising use during washing up. 

The top tip: be mindful of how much water you’re using and how you’re consuming it. 

Commit to recycling

It might seem obvious, but often we forget that we have the option to reuse, recycle and repurpose things in our homes. Reducing the amount of material we throw out can be a great way to lower our impact on the planet. 

The top tip: get creative about reusing, repurposing and recycling in your home

Educate others

Whether it’s your friends, children or other family members, sometimes the best way we can help is to spread knowledge. It’s important to ensure that everyone has the information they need to make good, green decisions. Be open about your knowledge and don’t be afraid to learn from others too!

The top tip: talk about sustainability – teach and learn as much as you can. 

Switch to green power

This might seem like a given coming from us, but switching to sustainable energy is a great long term way to go more green and save money while you’re at it! With solar energy, you’re able to make your household a more sustainable place and contribute positively to the planet. 

The top tip: invest in sustainable energy for long term change.


The start of a new year is the perfect time to reassess your goals and reflect on your life. It’s a great opportunity to start making a change and contributing to a better world for future generations.

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