SunRise 3 Phase

Home Battery

The SunRise 3 Phase Home Battery System is an Australian-made outdoor-rated battery system that stores your excess solar electricity for use from sunset until sunrise.

  • No more bill shock! Use your own solar power at night and reduce your power bills.
  • Low entry price! Start small and add extra batteries later as your needs grow, and your budget allows (genuinely battery ready!).
  • No more blackouts! Includes back-up power capability in case of a grid power failure.
  • Retrofit to your existing solar system with ease.
  • Qualifies for current government rebates and loans.

Retrofit/Hybrid Residential Battery Storage


Our SunRise 3 Phase Battery System is an all-in-one energy storage solution that is pre-wired with all AC, DC and PV cables, switchgear, EPS contactor and batteries to make installation rapid and trouble free. Just run cables from the solar arrays and switch board and connect to the pre-labelled terminals inside the Sunrise Home Battery System.


High Quality
Fully engineered, factory assembled and tested in Brisbane. Highest quality LFP battery modules.

Local Factory Support Provided
Visitors welcome! Come see us at our RedEarth Factory!

Meets Australian standards AS4777.2, IEC62109-1/2 and AS60950.1.

Choice of Battery Size
From 0 to 32kWh capacity (that’s more than two Tesla’s worth!) A larger battery is especially valuable in areas with regular power outages.

If no battery is installed yet, then SunRise 3 Phase operates with solar panels only (no backup function), however batteries can be added in under 20 minutes.

Easy to Install Battery System
All-in-one system, plug and play connection to PV panels and the grid. Place it on a concrete slab or mount on a wall using standard brackets. Place it outside, around the back with the hot water & aircons; no need to clutter the garage.

Remote Monitoring
With an internet connection the system can be remotely monitored on your mobile device.

Continuous remote monitoring service available from RedEarth with
our industrial 4G solution.

SunRise 3 Phase is designed so that the batteries are in the safest environment when installed. It is supplied pre-wired and fully tested in a secure temperature controlled enclosure.

Warranty & Support
Our systems are fully backed with our 10-year repair/replacement warranty. We monitor and support your system directly from our monitoring and engineering team located in Brisbane.


SRS-300, SRS-318, SRS-321, SRS-325, SRS-328, SRS-332

Solar Input

Connect up to 15kW of Solar panels to two MPPT’s

Power Output
Backup Power

7.2kW with 5 batteries or 10kW with 7 or more batteries

Battery Options

17.7kWh to 32 kWh Lithium-ion battery modules


105H x 132W x 54D (cm)

Weight (max.)

162kg + 32kg per additional battery


IP44 Aluminium Chassis

Electrical Connection

Hard wired to terminal block

  • RedEarth monitoring system included with 4G SIM
  • Customer monitoring on mobile device