A Simple Explanation of Your Carbon Footprint

Solar panels are the economic solution to producing sustainable energy for your residential home or company. Investing in solar panels is not only a clever financial move, but also an environmentally conscious decision that will reduce your carbon footprint. Installing solar panels ensures the use of reliable and renewable energy, encouraging global sustainability.

What is the primary environmental benefit solar energy has to offer? Solar energy is clean energy, which means it has a very low impact on the environment as opposed to the non-renewable energy you pay for. The production of these non-renewable energies releases greenhouse gases, such as CO2 into the Earth’s atmosphere.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) contributes to 10-25% of the greenhouse gases present in the Earth’s atmosphere. Greenhouse gases help maintain the eco-system, keeping the Earth’s temperature consistent, trapping and absorbing sunlight in order to warm the planet to a temperature that is optimal for plant growth. This is known as the greenhouse effect. However, when the Earth’s atmosphere becomes too highly concentrated with greenhouse gases the Earth’s temperature can rise beyond optimal conditions, harming ecosystems, biodiversity and the planet’s inhabitability. This is what is happening to our planet as a result of human activities and is the direct cause of Global Warming.

The use of fossil fuels, such as natural gas and coal, to produce energy results in the release of greenhouse gas emissions (primarily CO2) into the Earth’s atmosphere. In order to reduce Global Warming, we need to actively stop human production of greenhouse gases. Solar energy does not produce any CO2. Installing solar panels will considerably reduce your contribution to the Earth’s rising temperatures.

If have any other questions about how solar energy can help you reduce your carbon footprint, we invite you to peruse our other blog posts, or contact us for more information.

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