Going Solar To Escape Rising Power Bills – ABC 7:30

ABC’s 7:30 expose on the rising cost of electricity, how it is impacting families all across Queensland and how going solar can help get rid of a power bill setting families free from the every increasing power bill.

It also outlines the pitfalls of cheap solar and why dealing with a reputable company and having manufacturer based warranties from Australian based manufacturers is critical along with qualified installers.

Be sure to do your research before purchasing from a company offering rock bottom prices because almost two of those companies go broke every week, you may be stung additional charges by their contract installers or you may get recycled panels or a different product all together.

The Clean Energy Council in an audit of a company that went bust found that only 12.5% of jobs were done to code and almost 30% had a different panel on the roof than what the client had purchased.

The power play behind your surging electricity bills:

Power Shock, Part 1 | 7.30

The dark side of the solar power boom:

Power Shock, Part 2 | 7.30

What future-proofing Australia’s energy will look like:

Power Shock, Pt 3 | 7.30

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