Is Queensland Renewable Ready?

Queensland is the Sunshine State and as such, it’s no stranger to the benefits of renewable energy! With abundant natural resources, Queensland has immense potential to become a leader in renewable energy. But the question remains, is Queensland ready to embrace renewable energy? Let’s explore this topic further.

The current state of renewable energy in Queensland

According to the Clean Energy Council, Queensland has more than 8,900MW of renewable energy capacity, with wind and solar energy accounting for the majority of this. As well as this, Queensland has the highest rate of solar panels per household with 1 in 3 homes installing solar in the state. The state also has several large-scale renewable energy projects in the pipeline, including the 900 MW Yarranlea Solar Farm and the 180 MW Dulacca Wind Farm. All in all, the green energy in Queensland is in good stead!


Support for renewables

Recently, the Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan was created by the Queensland Government, promising ambitious leaps forward in renewable energy for the state. By 2032, 70% of Queensland’s electricity will come from renewable sources, rising to 80% by 2035. The plan also promises a thriving industry with the creation of 100,000 new jobs by 2040. These ambitious targets show a dedication to the future of sustainable energy in the state. 


The plan is built around a project called the SuperGrid which will be a full electricity system including transmission, solar, wind, dispatchable capacity and storage. This project will provide clean, reliable and affordable power to the state in order for it to achieve the renewable goals set by the government.


Outside of policy and government, the Queensland community is also highly supportive of renewable energy. Across the state, 22.7% of energy used is already renewable, with solar energy being the most popular choice.


What does this mean for renewables in the state?

With strong government backing and a supportive community, Queensland’s renewable future looks bright! With the addition of the SuperGrid and Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan, the state will be able to rely on renewable energy in the near future and become a greener region. 


We’re happy to say that solar is already playing a big role in Queensland’s renewable energy sector with over 700,000 residences and businesses relying on it. This is only set to grow in future with solar energy set to play a crucial role in helping Queensladn achieve its renewable energy goals. 


From a green energy business perspective, there are some challenges ahead of Queesnalnd in achieving its goals. These include requiring a higher volume of accredited solar panel installers and resource/infrastructure requirements. However, with support from the government and community Queensland has an excellent framework to become a renewables powerhouse in Australia. 


Final thoughts

Queensland is renewable ready! With ambitious targets, strong government support and a supportive community, the state has all the ingredients for a successful transition to a renewable energy future. For the solar energy sphere, this represents a significant opportunity to grow and thrive, but also brings up some challenges that come with a changing industry landscape.

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