The Future of Solar

We’ve seen some huge progress in the solar industry in 2022 with the increase of government reimbursements, incredible improvement in technology and rising demand for the service. So, what can we expect moving forward going into 2023?


Solar Will Continue to Trend Upwards

With the addition of government incentives and growing concerns over climate change, we are predicting a solar boom. This means more demand for solar companies and labourers and longer waitlist times for hopeful customers. It also means we might see an increase in solar power installation companies. 


With this in mind, if you’ve been considering going green, pick up the phone and stay on the front foot when it comes to installation. This will be super important to make sure your home gets the best treatment and to ensure you’re not going to be going too long without solar when you want it. 


Solar Power Technology Will See Some Major Movement

As we’ve seen over the last couple of years, solar panels are continuously becoming more efficient and effective. We expect this trend to continue. As well as this, we’re seeing some aesthetic shifts to make solar panels blend in more seamlessly with your home and neighbourhood while producing more effectively – all of the pros and none of the cons! We’ve also seen a recent uptake in solar shingles and we can expect to see more of this creative approach to solar power in the near future. 


As well as the physical technology, companies are offering longer and more comprehensive warranty programs. This ensures your system is running at top capacity for longer. Great news for both consumers and contractors!


We Might See Some Big Changes Outside of the Home

Sustainability is an ever-important trend for local governments and corporations to follow, and they’re proving it! We’re seeing the addition of solar powered street lights and an increase in EV chargers around towns and cities alike. All of this is expected to grow moving into 2023 and expand further into Australian suburbs.


Things Might Move a Little Slower Than Before

Throughout the pandemic, we saw a massive shift in supply chain availability and that looks to be a continuing trend going forward as the world deals with new and damaging circumstances. With many manufacturers permanently shut down, we’re seeing a rising demand for the few who stayed which has lead to a longer shipping and manufacturing process overall. Going forward, supply chains will be an anticipation game.


2022 and moving into 2023 are going to mean a lot of great changes for the solar world. With a promising shift to sustainable energy and a rising demand for solar in more places, the future of solar is looking bright! There may be a few minor hiccups ahead, but overall we are predicting positive things our consumers. 


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