Solar Inverters to Support Systems of Any Size

Whether your PowerSmart solar install is designed for your modest home, office building, or business warehouse, our selected solar inverters are designed with the strength to support systems of any scale, from standard to supreme.

With 25 years experience powering systems in 150+ countries around the globe, Sungrow solar inverters are a top choice in the industry, particularly for their reliability in performing at 99% efficiency across a breadth of installation sizes. Now that’s impressive!

Designed to meet the requirements of various types of application scenarios, photovoltaic modules (light generation) and grid connections, these tried-and-true inverters are versatile in their support of solar networks in a range of physical and barometrical climates.

You can rest assured Australia’s unpredictable weather conditions are no match for Sungrow.

Depending on the size of your solar installation, Sungrow inverters sport an-built capacity to span power ranges of between 2kW and 6.8MW (that’s a substantial amount of power!). This power flow can be monitored at the inverter unit, or – if you are operating from a larger business structure, like a warehouse – smart remote optimisation is available via app or web access.

A misconception about solar is that the number of panels installed independently dictates the amount of power your home or business receives. The truth lies in your inverter – while you want to scale your panel quantity to your power needs, the conversion from sunlight to electricity is greatly influenced by the capacity your inverter is designed to achieve.

Fortunately, Sungrow inverters provide sizeable yield, establishing constant flow from the sun to power your network to its maximum degree, whatever the size.

PowerSmart is proud to partner with Sungrow in providing Australian homeowners and businesses with versatile solar power solutions across the country. Contact us today to discuss your solar energy needs.

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