Solar Power and Sunlight: What Happens On Cloudy Days?

It’s without question that solar panels work their best when in direct exposure to the sun. In fact, the beauty of solar power lies in advancements in technology that allow our homes and businesses to be directly powered by the sky above us.

So what happens when the skies we rely on are overcast? Does this mean your solar panels… won’t work? Do cloudy days mean ‘closed for business’? Is it time to break out the candles and cook over an open fire, come nightfall?

Thankfully, there’s no need to bust out the matchbox, or shut down your business, when the skies aren’t clear. Even during excessive, torrential rainstorms when the warmth of the sun is rare, your solar panel system is built to absorb and preserve energy no matter the conditions.

The open secret to how solar panels function lies in their purpose not to necessarily generate power from the sun’s warm light, but rather from UV rays penetrating the panel’s surface.

Have you ever been reminded to wear sunscreen on a cloudy day? That’s because the sun’s UV rays (no matter if they feel warm or cool, or even bright to the eye) retain their ability to pass through clouds and rain, contacting the Earth’s surface. This is how panels continue to receive inbound flow, which is converted into energy.

It’s true, solar panels generate less energy from UV rays on an overcast day – however, you should rarely experience an outage or significant dip in your system’s service as a result. It is likely such an interference is unrelated, and is worth speaking to your PowerSmart representative should this occur.

Plus, Australian seasonal weather patterns yearly see our skies turn grey moreseo through the winter months – and while your system may be generating less power under these conditions, Australians are less likely to consume power at the same degree as through the summer period. So, any marginal interference with your comfort is likely to be unnoticed.

For more information about how solar panels can generate sustainable power solutions for your home or business, contact PowerSmart today!

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