Sonnen Fast Facts

In the pursuit of a greener and more sustainable future, innovative companies like Sonnen have emerged as leaders in the renewable energy sector. At PowerSmart Solutions, we’re passionate about bringing our customers the very best of solar technology. Sonnen is a brand we’re proud to partner with. But why should you choose to use them? Today we’re bringing you 8 fast facts about Sonnen to show you what they’re all about:


FACT #1 Sonnen are pioneers of smart energy storage:

Sonnen is a German-based company that has pioneered the development of intelligent energy storage systems. They have been at the forefront of creating innovative solutions that enable efficient energy management, ensuring a reliable and sustainable power supply for homes and businesses. Sonnen’s expertise lies in their battery storage technology, which seamlessly integrates with renewable energy sources to store excess energy for later use.


Fact #2 You have access to clean energy day and night:

Sonnen supports you throughout the day, ensuring a continuous supply of clean energy. It intelligently manages the power you generate from your solar panels, maximising its utilisation and minimising any wastage. In the morning, when energy production is minimal but energy needs are high, the sonnenBatterie steps in, bridging the gap by utilising the stored energy from the previous day. During midday, when solar energy production reaches its peak but energy consumption is low, the excess energy is efficiently stored in the sonnenBatterie for later use. As evening approaches and solar energy production decreases, the sonnenBatterie becomes invaluable, supplying the stored energy from the daytime to meet the high energy needs during this period. 


Fact #3 Transforming Homes into Energy Communities:

Sonnen is dedicated to transforming traditional homes into energy communities through their groundbreaking sonnenCommunity concept. By connecting households with their integrated energy storage systems, Sonnen allows for the sharing and distribution of clean energy among community members. This collaborative approach empowers individuals to become active participants in the transition to renewable energy and creates a decentralised and resilient energy network.


Fact #4 Leading the Virtual Power Plant Revolution:

Sonnen is driving the virtual power plant (VPP) revolution by connecting thousands of their energy storage systems into a vast network. This network forms a virtual power plant that can be managed and optimised to meet the energy demands of the grid. By aggregating distributed energy resources, Sonnen’s VPPs contribute to grid stability, enable demand response capabilities, and facilitate the integration of renewable energy at a larger scale.


Fact #5 Award-Winning Technology:

Sonnen’s dedication to innovation and excellence has been recognized through numerous prestigious awards. They have received accolades such as the Bloomberg New Energy Pioneer Award and the Zayed Future Energy Prize. These awards highlight Sonnen’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology and their significant impact on the renewable energy landscape.


Fact #6 Empowering Energy Independence:

One of Sonnen’s core missions is to empower energy independence for individuals and communities. By harnessing renewable energy sources and utilising their smart energy storage systems, homeowners can reduce their reliance on the grid and become more self-sufficient. Sonnen’s technology allows for the optimization of energy usage, minimising grid dependency and providing a path towards a sustainable and resilient energy future.


Fact #7 Long-lasting and Sustainable Battery Solutions:

Sonnen’s battery storage systems are designed for longevity, with a typical lifespan of 20 years or more. By utilising lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery chemistry, Sonnen ensures a safe, reliable, and environmentally friendly energy storage solution. Their commitment to sustainable practices extends to the recycling of used batteries, further reducing the environmental impact of their products.


Fact #8 Global Reach and Partnerships:

Sonnen has expanded its operations beyond Germany and has established a global presence, enabling individuals and communities worldwide to benefit from their energy storage solutions. They have formed strategic partnerships with utilities, energy providers, and technology companies to accelerate the adoption of clean energy and contribute to a more sustainable energy landscape globally.

Sonnen is just one of the awesome battery companies PowerSmart partners with to provide our customers with the very best in solar solutions. Learn more about Sonnen, or our other providers here.

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