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How Will Clean Energy Benefit Me?

With the recent publicity of Earth Day, a lot of us are probably wondering how we can make a difference, and why we should make a difference. Become a part of the movement by integrating clean energy into your everyday life with solar power. We’re here to tell you how not only the planet can […]

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Poor-Quality and Unsafe Solar Panels Costing Australians Their Homes

The ABC recently published an article about the increasing number of poor quality and faulty solar panels being installed in Australia. You can read the full article here, or we’ve summarised the key points for you. The number of badly installed and unsafe rooftop systems in Australia has been estimated in the tens of thousands, […]

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How the Government Rebate for Solar Power Works

Small-scale Technology Certificates and Feed in Tariffs: Explained Rebates, STCs, credit schemes, feed tariffs … for people that don’t know much about solar panels and solar power, it’s all a bit confusing. We’re here to help with a quick rundown of how it all works: Firstly, to make things clear, the Federal Government ‘rebate’ for […]

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