Three Reasons to Make the Switch to Solar For Your Commercial Property

Investing in Solar Power comes with a number of long and short term payoffs. These are benefits that have the potential to increase the value of your commercial property now and in the future – meaning that your switch will keep on paying for itself as technology changes and evolves!

Want a bit more information about the specific benefits you can expect to see? We’ve broken down three of the key ways that solar energy adds value to your property and why you should consider making the switch. 

1. Lower Start Up Costs Than You May Expect



Solar energy is now more affordable than ever with the cost of solar panels dropping more than 70% over the last decade. That means when it comes to setting yourself up for success with solar, you’re not breaking the bank either! Another important consideration is the size of your solar power system. With larger systems, often used in commercial properties, the economy of scale means they can cost less per watt than their smaller counterparts. You’ll also have peace of mind when choosing PowerSmart Solutions with our 25 year warranty and Lifetime Monitoring and Support with all installations.

2. Reducing Your Electricity Bills


Electricity bills are a dreaded part of running any business, so saving money in the long term is a huge incentive for making the switch. Keeping your overheads low means you can keep your profit margin high! Our high quality Solar systems are a low maintenance solution that will save you plenty on your electricity bill. While your percentage of savings is dependent on several factors including how much you are currently paying and how much power you use, by producing your own energy you are guaranteed to see a reduction in your power bills! With the cost of energy rising, this benefit is more appealing than ever!

3. Reducing Your Carbon Footprint


Environmental consciousness is not only important to business owners, it’s important to your consumers. And, you know what they say, the customer is always right! If you’re looking to go green and market yourself as an environmentally conscious entity, switching to Solar Power is a no-brainer. Solar energy significantly reduces your carbon footprint compared to fossil fuels and by producing your own renewable energy, you’ll be positioning your business as one that cares not only for its customers, but for the earth as well.

If it wasn’t clear already, there are a huge amount of benefits to making the switch to solar energy, these are just a few of our favourites! To find out more about making the switch or how much you could save, click here.


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