Upgrade Your Solar To The Cutting Edge

At PowerSmart Solutions, we partner only with leaders in innovative solar technology to equip you with cutting edge installations built to last a lifetime. 

Phono Solar are a select choice of panel providers, committed to providing a one-stop clean energy solution in their product. 

Aligning with PowerSmart’s pursuit of excellent product quality proven by time-tested experience in the industry, Phono Solar panels conduct an impressive 2.8GW capacity – that’s 9.5 million tonnes in CO2 emissions reduction, with 25 years in business! We’ve done the math, so you don’t have to. 

A key supplier of solar panel product across Australia and the globe, Phono Solar represent peak performance in the industry. 

A keen area of their research division centres on the continual improvement of photovoltaic technology (the conversion of light into power on an atomic level). With this as a leading focus, Phono Solar products align with PowerSmart’s key values in providing efficient, economic, and ecologically conscious solutions to our customers. 

We’re proud to supply Phono Solar panels to our clientele. To learn more about this cutting-edge product, contact the PowerSmart team today. 

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