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How the Government Rebate for Solar Power Works

Small-scale Technology Certificates and Feed in Tariffs: Explained Rebates, STCs, credit schemes, feed tariffs … for people that don’t know much about solar panels and solar power, it’s all a bit confusing. We’re here to help with a quick rundown of how it all works: Firstly, to make things clear, the Federal Government ‘rebate’ for […]

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Rooftop Rumours: Busting the Top Six Myths about Solar Power

While in recent years, there have been technological improvements in the industry, the current solar panel technology is well established. Since the first solar panel was produce in 1960, maximum efficiencies in production have been met. The main driver of cost price reduction has been the result of demand and competitive pricing pressures which currently at its peak. So, now is the best time to invest and install your panels!

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QLD Home Owners Pay For Solar With Their Power Savings – No Cost Down

If your postal code qualifies, the Government will help pay for your system!
Thanks to a little-known government program called the Australian Solar Credits program, middle class homeowners in specific postal codes are getting $1,000’s in rebates to install solar panels usually for $0 out of their own pocket.

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